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The Breitbart Toe Tag – Breitbart Coroner Credentials (EXIT 9 ONLINE)

Many people have made comments/statements that Michael was not qualified to perform autopsies and that he only did prep work, photography, and clean-up. I posted this to prove otherwise. The interview is with Tim Cormier – Mike’s brother.

Ed Winter stated to news agencies that Michael Cormier never assisted on the Andrew Breitbart autopsy because “Only doctors had ever worked on the case because foul play was never suspected.” and that “Mr. Cormier was not the attendant on Mr. Breitbart’s case, nor did he do any of the handling nor any of the investigation.”

LAPD Detective Rich Wheeler relayed a similar statement to the TheDailyBeast.com — “He (Cormier) had nothing to do with the autopsy or anything to do with the case … That story is based on rumor and innuendo.” Michael Cormier performed a private autopsy on Breitbart with Dr.Posey on March 4, 2012, and gave Ed Cormier Andrew Breitbart’s toe tag the same day.

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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

– Press Graye

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