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EXIT 9I Promo – Kurt Sova – They’re Gonna Find Him (EXIT 9 ONLINE)

The case of Kurt Sova… you might’ve heard about it on Unsolved Mysteries. EXIT 9 INVESTIGATIONS provides new evidence into the case and 2019 docu-series. COMING SOON.



Slavic Village Records, a hip and stylish place that engulfed the essence of the early ’80s. A homeless man who had been hanging around the record store had been a fixture outside for a few weeks, bragging of access to bodies flown into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. He talked about stealing the shoes from the bodies. On this Monday, he finally came into the store and pointed to a flier of Kurt taped to the window.

The homeless man said to store manager Judy Oros: “They’re going to find him and they’re gonna find him in two days, and they’re not going to know what happened to him.”

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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

– Press Graye

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