Kurt Sova PART V – UPDATE Crime Stoppers

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Kurt Sova PART V:(UPDATE CRIME STOPPERS)


The Kurt Sova case is getting new attention.  As this is our only case where the location is in another region of the United States – we have not had proper sources or channels of communication with law enforcement.

The new investigation is a collaboration between the Newburgh Heights Police Department, the Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County, and students from Tiffin University.  With the blessing of Kurt’s brother, Kevin Sova, the authorities and students have access to a box of materials collected by Dorothy Sova, Kurt’s mother.  Hopefully, the case can be one step closer to being solved.  I don’t know if the students will also be permitted to investigate the Newburgh Heights Police Department, disgraced former detective Robert Carras, and Police Chief James F. Lukas.  They obviously know more than anyone else connected to the case today, and Robert Carras has remained silent.  James F. Lukas has at least defended his lack of investigation.

What also needs attention is the lack of funds or agenda allocated to the case from the Ohio Crime Stoppers program; other than receiving mainstream attention from Unsolved Mysteries, the Newburgh Heights Police Department and Crime Stoppers ignored the matter.  They overlooked a tainted investigation, let a potential suspect walk, and told the Sova family they were not to press the issue with Debbie and Clayton Sam about their party at the duplex.

Below we list the Ohio Crime Stoppers donations given and their agenda for the highlighted years of 1980-1988.  This is a sample of what is included in our 2020 Kurt Sova Case File.


The Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County and Newburgh Heights Police Department had ample opportunities to assign a task force to reexamine the investigation into the death of Kurt Sova.  Below I’ve included the Cuyahoga County Police Chief’s Associations agenda for 1981-1982.



Unsolved Mysteries filmed their episode on Kurt Sova in 1988.  There’s no mention of any funds used for the filming, nor of Kurt Sova’s death.  The source material is from a book entitled “History of CCPCA.”  It provides information for the years 1926-2001.



The Sova family was ordered by Police Chief James F. Lukas to cease any attempts to visit the duplex where Kurt was said to be at, notifying them that any further progression of their efforts would result in harassment.

Former Newburgh Heights Detective Robert Carras once took a suspect, Eric Kotonski to an empty lot of land near Harvard Avenue and threatened him.  Harvard Avenue is where the duplex is located.

Although the Unsolved Mysteries episode showed a reenactment of a crime scene in which photographs were taken of Kurt’s crucified position, none of the actual crime scenes were documented.  The only Polaroid pictures consisted of Kurt on the stretcher and in the ambulance.  The police never searched the duplex, and no request was made to nearby Cleveland PD for assistance in the investigation; an inquiry from Cleveland PD was turned away by Newburgh Heights PD, according to Dorothy Sova.

Four different agencies (Cuyahoga Sheriff’s Department, F.B.I., Newburgh Heights PD, Cleveland PD) looked into the case and found no new leads.  Eighteen months after Kurt’s death, a Cleveland Police Detective Al Figler looking into the case found the handling of crime-scene by Newburgh PD to be a “joke.”  Missing paperwork, lack of evidence, and forthcoming witnesses plagued the cold case.

Newburgh Heights Police Department let the only suspect of the crime walk free.  The ‘homeless man’ who harrassed Judy Oros at Slavic Village Records and PREDICTED Kurt Sova’s body would be found.  EXIT 9I has from a source that the homeless man was a red herring, deployed by someone to make the death look like part of a bigger picture.

Angeline Reddicks stated she saw two males dragging what looked like to be an unconscious teenage male toward the ravine.  This account was never relayed to the Sova family and only came to their attention when they ran into Angeline and sparked a conversation.  She waited to give a statement out-of-fear but finally contacted the sheriff’s department in 1989 but never heard back.

Dorothy Sova stated about Angeline Reddicks not being interviewed:

“I’m not surprised they (Newburgh Heights police) didn’t interview her,” Dorothy Sova said. “They didn’t interview half the people who came to me with stuff. Carras kept playing me off as the mother who would not accept her son’s death.”


This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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